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Face to Face Consultations

Arrange Your 30 Minute Face to Face
Consultation With A Physical Therapist

What you can expect to receive from a face to face consultation?

30 minute noncommittal conversation with a physical therapist

Insight into how TPT treats symptoms that you are specifically experiencing

Insight into how long your symptoms typically take to respond to PT

Honest recommendation to your prognosis through the use of PT

An opportunity for you to ask any questions to ease your concerns

An opportunity for you to meet the faces of TPT staff members

An opportunity for you to become familiar with our facility and equipment 



Face to Face Consultations include a thorough discussion with a physical therapist relative to your concerns. In the event that we are able to provide assistance for your condition and you decide to continue your care with us, we will discuss the necessary steps toward moving forward with treatment. NO TREATMENT is provided following this consultation. If you are already certain that you want treatment for your condition then please CLICK HERE.

So that we can meet your SPECIFIC needs, please fill out this short form and show us EXACTLY how you want us to help you or your family member...You're contemplating hiring us, we want to make sure we're prepared to serve you best... 

TPT does not share your information with any third parties. Rest assured our promise is to keep your information safe. 

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