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  • Having a wellness membership at Total Physical Therapy is a commitment to yourself and an investment in your own health.

  • You refuse to be held back by your physical state and strive to meet new goals

  • You simply disagree with the notion of "you're just getting older"

  • Looking for a clean, encouraging atmosphere?

  • Seeking a facility that prioritizes your happiness?

  • Want to be welcomed by name and share a casual conversation?

Get all that and more by adding a

Wellness Membership at

Total Physical Therapy


Achieve Success

Friendly Staff


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  • Our commitment is to always provide smiling staff that welcomes you by name. But then again, that's just the TPT way of business!

  • We take pride in keeping our facility sanitary. Long before COVID we were already deeply focused on cleanliness. You'll immediately recognize our efforts to avoid "the sweat shop" feel.


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  • Leave no stone unturned. You will have equipment to focus on all your needs

  • Let us design a plan to establish your goals and create a regimen

  • Unlimited access to our facility and equipment.

  • Not comfortable with some of the equipment? We have you covered. There will be no question unanswered. Our staff will familiarize you with all equipment within the facility.

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Looking to avoid crowds?

  • Abundance of gym equipment and floor space at our facility. 

  • Over 7,000 square feet of space to roll up your sleeves and get to work!

  • One hour everyday from 12-1:00 dedicated to wellness members ONLY !!

  • Bring a spouse or friend and save 20%

  • Not familiar with exercise, the use of equipment, or simply not comfortable in this type of atmosphere?

  • You are NOT ALONE... many feel the same. 

  • Set up an appointment with one of our therapists to setup personal goals, discover your needs, touch on any limitations, and grow your confidence!!

  • There is simply an answer for all mobility needs. Let us help you discover a pathway!

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