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We love and are motivated by your enduring commitment to your health. More so, we are humbled by your persistence with pursuing your physical therapy needs during these unconventional times. As a result of that commitment, we now have an option to navigate today’s challenges from the comfort of your own home through telehealth services.

Virtual Visits through Telehealth

  • Visits are secure and safe so your information is fully protected.

  • Visits are very efficient and effective. Our therapists are experts of efficiency and creativity!

  • The tools you already have available within your home will suit most needs for your care plan.

  • Your interaction with our therapists through a virtual session is the same friendly environment you've come to value and enjoy from within our clinic.

  • Minimal requirements:

    • A strong internet connection (WIFI preferred as data connectivity might reduce the video quality for both the therapist as well as yourself)

    • A smartphone (tablet, PC, or Mac will also satisfy)

    • The ability to prop your phone in order to step away from the phone while your therapist directs your movement (tripods work great but not a necessity as a good 'ol book can prop your phone)

No referral or prescription is required

  • In Texas you do not need a prescription for physical therapy services which means you do not have to sit in a medical office with potentially ill patients simply to receive our services.

  • Don't put your health on hold. You can consult with a therapist face to face through video interface within seconds.

We invite you to utilize our telehealth services as a compliment to our trusted clinical services. If you'd like to trial our platform we'd be happy to assist. Simply call our facility 806.467.8181 and let us know you're interested in telehealth services.

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