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Golf Performance

& Conditioning

Total Physical Therapy's Golf Screening &  Conditioning

Total Physical Therapy is proud to offer evidenced based golf screening and conditioning services. These services are provided through Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) certification. 

What is TPI Certification and Why Would I Benefit From It ?

TPI Certification ​is an evidenced based screen with a therapeutic intervention that beautifully blends a therapist's working knowledge of anatomy, physiology, and biomechanics to the wonderful game of golf. This information allows us to help assess how your body functions during your golf swing and provides a common language for us to speak with your golf professional should it be needed.

We are able to work through two simultaneous platforms

Improve Your Performance

Reduce and

Prevent Pain

The TPI screen can be performed for any level of golfer ranging from amateur to professional. The following statistics demonstrate the value of the screen and its corrective actions at the PGA level:

What is Golf Fitness ?

Are you a golfer in your teenage years, 20s, 30s, or 40s? If yes, you're going to need to know about fitness to add power and golf specific conditioning to your game. Who wouldn't like an extra 15 yards on your irons? Who wouldn't like to take repetitive swings without body aches and pains during or after a day of golf?

Are you a golfer in their 50s, 60s, 70s and worried about being able to continue your passion? Give yourself the best opportunity to extend your game beyond most individual's limits and perform at a high level.

You've worked hard on the mechanics of your game, your swing, and your approach. Have you worked hard on the motor behind all of it? Total Physical Therapy understands the nature of golf specific injury assessment, conditioning and fitness, and rehabilitation. We understand your body-swing connection.


 No matter your competition level there is always one common goal  - ENJOYMENT!

Golf Medical Group Exercise Sessions

So you've put in the hours on perfecting your swing, spent days on the course, and you still have concerns about your performance or pain. Maybe the missing link to reaching your goals is your body conditioning. More specifically... your golf conditioning. Let us take you through the TPI screen to identify your deficiencies then tailor your deficits to golf specific conditioning and do it in the friendly environment amongst friends with the direction of a TPI certified medical specialist.

Our Next TPT Golf Performance Class To Be Announced Soon

A group exercise class for golf conditioning and performance. Those interested in participating must undergo a TPI screen prior to joining a group. These are closed groups of 12 golfers that complete a 8 week progressive conditioning program. If interested in participation please contact us by phone at 806 467 8181. The class meets for 60 minute sessions, twice a week.

What Are Others Saying About Our Classes?

I had the opportunity to participate in Lee's twice a week stretching and strengthening program for 6 months at Total Physical Therapy.  Before starting, I had done very little exercising for quite some time.  It was uncomfortable at first. But in a short period of time, I could feel the benefits.  I was much more limber.  I have some arthritis in my knees, neck, back and hands.  The pain subsided quite a bit.  I felt better and decided to lose some extra weight.  The one thing I enjoyed most about Lee's sessions was the variety of activities we did.  Stretching.  Free weights and machines.  Medicine ball.  And ever changing exercises targeting different body areas.  I'm looking forward to starting up again in November.  No matter what your level of fitness is, I highly recommend you attend, too!           

Dick Doyle

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