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Total Physical Therapy's Corporate Services

Total Physical Therapy offers the following corporate services/tests:

  • Job Demands Analysis

  • Job Descriptions

  • Post-Offer Test creation and implementation

  • Functional Capacity Evaluations (FCE)

  • Return-To-Work Testing/Fit For Duty Testing

  • Onsite Injury Risk Reduction

The benefits of testing:

  • Determines whether a candidate has the physical abilities to safely perform the essential functions of a job.

  • Establishes candidate baseline measurements and records pre-existing impairments.

  • Provides feedback and recommendations to employee/candidate regarding physical fitness.

  • Provides valuable training on proper body mechanics.

  • Ensures EEOC and ADA compliance with hiring. 

  • Provides framework for determining specific accommodations for ADA cases.

  • Reduces severity of employee injury and absenteeism from work.

  • Reduces employer work compensation premiums.

Functional testing that is medically safe, reliable, defensible and compliant with governing regulations is key in reducing injury, cost of injury/disability, time off work, and turnover. TOTAL PHYSICAL THERAPY is prepared to assist your business with promoting the critical components of a safe and productive workforce and a healthy bottom line.  

Can the FCE provide an assessment of whether an employee can perform the requirements of a job?

Are all FCE's the same? Can each FCE be tailored for job-specific demands and requirements?

TPT performs a complete Functional Capacity Evaluation (FCE, FCA, PCE, or WCE) with automated reports. We can perform standard or custom physical tests as well as provide an advanced therapy program with the most peer-reviewed and legally defensible evals with automated reports untouched by manual data entry.


Primary Applications

  • Employer-based clinics

  • Workers comp FCE/Impairement

  • Sports therapy: pre/post surgery, sport specific testing


Primary Applications

  • For post-offer employment screening, FCEs, disability and impairment determination, vocational suitability, and return-to-work assessments

  • Peer-reviewed, published and custom testing capabilities

  • Extensive task-specific testing positions

  • Peg board positional tolerance and time-motion testing system

In a comprehensive FCE, all of the following tasks are generally tested. However, a job-specific FCE can also be designed to determine an individual's ability to perform the physical demands of an identified job or a specific task:

  • Lifting

  • Kneeling

  • Pulling

  • Talking

  • Standing

  • Crouching

  • Walking

  • Crawling

  • Climbing

  • Feeling

  • Sitting

  • Reaching

  • Balancing

  • Hearing

  • Carrying

  • Handling

  • Stooping

  • Seeing

  • Pushing

  • Fingering

From job assessment, employment screening, to evaluation and treatment, to job-matching and return to work, we help make your company more productive.

Is your corporation interested in implementing employment testing?  Please contact our office (806) 467-8181 or use the contact button below.

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