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Exercise Prescription & Testing

Total Physical Therapy's Exercise Prescription & Testing 

Total Physical Therapy offers the following exercise prescription and testing services:

  • Individualized Exercise Programs - If you have specific goals or have grown tired of your exercise routine then turn to TPT for guidance and rejuvenation to put enjoyment into safe, effective exercise. Find results while minimizing risk of injury.

  • Functional Movement Assessment - Common body movement limitations can silently lurk and induce slow damage to your body until it's too late. Let us help identify body movement limitations that increase your risk for injury.

  • Injury Prevention - Have you experienced problems in the past and now you're worried about re-injury? Have you undergone a prior surgery and have been told "do this, don't do that?" Let us help blend your medical history with your personal goals and form a perfect routine that will minimize your risk for re-injury.

  • Medical Group Exercise - Our group exercise is different then anything you've seen. Our licensed physical therapists will complete a thorough screen prior to your engagement in our group programs. You will then receive appropriate modifications to group exercises to minimize your risk of injury while still maintaining optimal results. Your therapists will continue to engage throughout the programs through coaching. If any questions arise during sessions therapists are immediately available for consultation. 

Do I Need a Referral for Any of These Services ?

No. These programs and screens are self pay services that are available for very competitive pricing. For more information please contact us HERE.

Will My Insurance Pay for These Services ?

No.  These are not physical therapy services for current injury. These services and screens are for individuals that wish to reduce the risk of injury and seek guidance for healthy exercise habits. If you value fitness, your mobility, and are looking for an opportunity to take an INVESTMENT in you HEALTH then consider TPT's fitness services.  

What Group Events Are Currently Happening at TPT?
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