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Who can benefit from a Running Evaluation?

The Running Evaluation benefits two main groups of runners:

-Any level of runner, whether high school, recreational, or elite,  who is motivated to optimize their movement mechanics and improve their running times.

- Runners who are currently injured and seek the guidance of a licensed physical therapist to walk them through progressions to get back to healthy, pain-free running. 

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For an injured runner, we can discuss options to initiate physical therapy services and guide your return to performance based running.  

What is a Running Evaluation?

The Running Evaluation is an assessment provided by a licensed physical therapist designed to give you insight on how you move as a runner and how to enhance your running efficiency.

Runners who show movement patterns that are asymmetrical or exhibit poor muscular control are subject to reduced performance or possible repetitive overuse injuries.  

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At periodic intervals we take our car in for routine maintenance, and every year we see a doctor for a yearly check up/physical. Similarly, the running evaluation is designed to be a litmus test for our movement capacity as humans and how it directly impacts our running performances. 


The goal of the runner evaluation is to assess your:


- strengths

- weaknesses

- flexibility

- motor control

- running gait


And provide you with exercises, drills, and cues to improve your performances and reduce risk for injury


Coaching Services

For anyone interested in coaching services or an individualized running program, check out our coaching services website by clicking the button below. 

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What does the Running Evaluation consist of?

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Lace up, come to our clinic for 60-90 minutes, and be taken through a detailed:


- running history

- movement/strength assessment

- treadmill running gait analysis

To refine your efficiency as a runner we will provide you with:


- exercises

- stretches

- running drills

- running cues

- a video detailing your running gait

We will follow up with a phone call in 30 days to determine how you are progressing and if you have any questions. 

What should I expect during the Running Evaluation?

Runner History:

Before assessing your movements we want you to come to our clinic for a thorough running history. In this subjective we will cover topics such as:

      - Goals

      - Running History

      - Injury History

      - Daily Stresses

      - Occupation

      - and much more

This subjective history ensures that we understand your current life situation and how it impacts your current training capacity. 

Movement/Strength Assessment:

For this portion of the evaluation you will be performing:


- A movement screen to visualize your movement behaviors

- A movement evaluation to assess the route cause of poor                        movement behaviors. 

- Capacity tests to determine how strong/coordinated you are

We break down your fundamental movement patterns to ensure that you have enough flexibility and strength to move through your running motion and improve performance.

We will utilize the information attained in this assessment to design your strength program, running drills, and warm ups. 

Running Gait Analysis:

You will need to bring:

- Running shorts/leggings

- Tight running shirt

- Your least supportive pair of running shoes

A Treadmill running analysis will be performed from multiple camera angles to get a glimpse of how you run at three different running intensities.


You will be filmed at:


- Easy Pace

- Race Pace 

- Something faster than race pace


We will construct a video for your reference that evaluates different form variables such as:

- Maximum Shank Angle

- Shank Angle at Touchdown

- Reversal of Swing

- ROS/MSA Ratio

- Foot Angle at Touchdown

- Cadence

- or others depending on your specific case

The video in conjunction with your movement/strength assessment and running history will provide the basis for us to create an individualized plan to help improve your movement behaviors and take you towards smashing your personal bests.

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