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Running Is Our Therapy

Developing as a runner can be rewarding and exciting, but also complex and confusing with all of the information available at literally our finger tips. Our aim is to guide you to make sound decisions surrounding your training by educating and coaching you to your best performance. 


Our Services:

Welcome to TOTAL RIOT where Running Is Our Therapy. Our team is dedicated to your development as a runner here in the Amarillo area. Our mission is to provide the runners of Amarillo area an individualized service that seamlessly integrates performance coaching, rehabilitation, and strength and conditioning all in one facility.

Whether you're a beginner athlete or an experienced veteran, competitive or non-competitive, training for sport or simply training for health, we have something for you. Have a look around. You're bound to find some useful information for your current level of participation.

Coaching Services

Coaching Services

Are you looking to improve your personal bests? Are you trying to run your first 5k? Have you hit plateaus along the way? Allow us to join alongside you and guide you to achieving your running potential by providing you with personalized training designed with your unique strengths and weaknesses in mind.

Runner  Evaluation

Have you ever wondered what you look like when you run, and what that means? Allow us to perform an assessment on you as an endurance athlete and assess your unique strength/weaknesses running gait/style and provide you with recommendations to improve.

Injury Recovery 

If you are experiencing an injury that is preventing you from achieving your potential, causing you to alter workouts, distracting you during a workout or not allowing you to run at all, join with us to get you back to optimal health and return to training as quickly and safely as possible. 

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