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"We help the greater Amarillo community stay ACTIVE, FIT, and PRODUCTIVE the natural way...while staying FREE from prescription PAINKILLERS! Whether you have had a fresh setback, years of pain, or are wanting to know how to PREVENT problems - We get you BACK to Work, Sport, and Life"

If you're like many of our patients then you've seen multiple providers. Physicians, chiropractors, massage therapists, fitness professionals, and sometimes even other physical therapists. You may have even spent countless hours searching through the internet, watching online videos, purchased endless infomercial gadgets, or taken family and friend's advice. But like many of our patients you haven't found the answer to your problems. Or maybe you found a solution that offers short term relief and you're quite simply stuck in that hamster wheel. Many people that come to see us are simply tired of being limited with their mobility. Some are limited by pain, others by balance problems, and still others don't quite understand why they cannot remain ACTIVE, FIT, and PRODUCTIVE the way they would like. If you have never been to a physical therapy facility then we would recommend watching the video below to learn about TPT.

Watch this video BEFORE you hire your next physical therapy center

We understand the difficulty in trying to make the right decision regarding your health. That decision is even harder when you have attempted so many options yet still feel you are exactly where you started. TPT is committed to your health, so much so that we feel it is reasonable to help guide you through the myriad of options out there. The following guides are yours to take as you feel just. They are simply a collection of ideas that we have compiled over the years that answer some of the most common questions that the public, like yourself, ask us on a routine basis. In these reports you'll find some initial guidance that has some educated backing and is not simply opinion.

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