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Getting you back to work, sport, and life

"We help the greater Amarillo community stay ACTIVE, FIT, and PRODUCTIVE the natural way...while pulling AWAY from prescription PAINKILLERS! Whether you have had a fresh setback, years of pain, or are wanting to know how to PREVENT problems - We get you BACK to Work, Sport, and Life"


Getting you back to work, sport, and life

Injury in life is a certainty. Let us get you back to order with less hassle. Let us put your life back into balance on your time.

Physical Therapy

Whether an employer or an employee we have the right information for you to get back to work in a timely, healthy fashion.

Corporate Services


Total Physical Therapy is not only your trusted source for rehabilitative PT services but your trusted source for sport specific rehabilitation for both team and individual based sports, corporate services, Titleist Performance Institute certified golf analysis and rehabilitation, performance enhancement training for endurance athletes notably runners and cyclists, injury prevention and screening, and a medically oriented gym pioneering your exercise prescription and training.



Ask a Therapist

Conveniently Located

3701 A1 Olsen Blvd. Amarillo, TX 79109

Tel: 806-467-8181

Fax: 806-467-8282


Mon/Wed 8:00-6:00

Tu/Th 9:00-6:00

Fr 8:00-3:00 

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