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(Lo, 2018) Running does not increase symptoms or structural progression in people with knee osteoart

Today, we are addressing the question if one has osteoarthritis in at least one knee, will running make the arthritis any worse. This is a good question and the article today is one of many articles that seeks to find answers to this questions. The study is designed to look at a group of people who are diagnosed with osteoarthritis and follow them over the span of 48 months to see how running affects osteoarthritis. The conclusion of the study is given away in its title and concludes that when looking at a group of runners who are diagnosed with knee osteoarthritis and run at "self selected paces" over the span of 48 months it will not make the arthritis worse. Another conclusion is that they found runners with knee arthritis reported less pain than people who did not run and have knee arthritis. Therefore, we should not try to discourage some one who wants to run at "self selected paces" as it does not seem to cause further arthritis.

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