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Starting a Walk/Run Program Week 8

In this episode we discus some basics of strength training and how it can be beneficial to us as runners. Strength training is by no means the main modality of training for runners, but it should not be neglected as it provides us with the essential foundational movements to improve our running capacity. Strength training should not look the same for everybody as we each move differently and exhibit unique movement patterns as we function throughout life. If you need help figuring out how to approach strength training and incorporate it into your running routine, feel free to give us a call.

I also recap my 8th week rehabbing my hip injury, and am proud to announce that I am currently on schedule to finish the walk/run progression by the end of next week. In this episode I touch on some knee pain that popped up and how I modified my workouts to allow me to train through the problem. I hope you find these video's beneficial, and if you like what we are doing please like the video. Be sure to check out our new You Tube channel specifically designed for runners that was la

unched at the end of last week.

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