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Starting A Walk/Run Program Week 9

In this episode we discuss the importance of warming up and cooling down before heading out the door on a run. We discuss why it is important, how it helps our running, and give suggestions on the types of activities to include. All too often we neglect a proper warm up and cool down at the expense of more mileage, but we may be setting up ourselves for greater injury risk and potentially missing out on important physiological adaptations.

In this episode I also recap my 9th week after a debilitating hip injury and describe my running and workout routines to help me get back to running fitness. I am excited to announce that the journey back to continuous running is almost complete. If everything goes to schedule, I will be running continuously by the end of next week. Feel free to watch my previous episodes to follow along the journey and I hope that by watching these videos you can be motivated in your running journey.

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