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Protect your body....give it a warm up

Updated: Mar 1, 2021

No matter the level of athletic feat or weekend warrior-ism, you are going to have to accept one fact. YOU NEED TO PREPARE!! All too often we hear stories with an all too common theme. We find individuals that participate in a number of recreational and sport activities, pushing their bodies to the limit and beyond, obsess over their "data," and yet can't clearly define a warm up. In minimal cases we hear stories of very under stimulating warm up regimens.

We know many out there could lay claim of guilt that you've started your vehicle and have thrown it into drive within seconds. Most of our vehicles do this without an immediate failure. Yet, if continued time and time again.....ultimately your vehicle drivetrain will FAIL. Consider this a strong comparison to your body. Your body will give you what you ask at the start, but the decline is slow and many times, silent. Without an adequate warm up, you'll be setting yourself back repeatedly . An adequate warm up is going to have to be part of your training. Let's make it serve a purpose to IMPROVE your health rather than tearing it down.


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