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Starting A Walk/Run Program Week 6

Updated: May 21, 2020

In this episode we discuss the importance of finding a running community. By having other people around you as a runner can increase your accountability and your motivation to get up in the morning to head out the door. If you live here in Amarillo and do not have a running community look up the Lone Star Running Club, GetFit and our very own Trotters class as some ways to get plugged into the local running community.

I recap my week of training this week and am excited to announce that next week I will begin the walk/run progression. If you are interested in following me through this journey or would like to perform the program yourself the progression is listed below for you completely free. If you need help navigating the program just give us a call.

Walking Progression:

Running Progression:


For more information about our clinic check out our website:

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