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3 Simple Ways to Sneak Fruits and Vegetables into Your Breakfast

So you're one of those that barely has time for breakfast or even worse dare we say it....SKIPS BREAKFAST! We won't spend time exhausting you reading about the benefits of breakfast rather we'll say, "We hear you." You're a typical busy bee and the fast paced lifestyle most live today does not account for the time needed to eat much less prepare a morning meal. For those that do afford the time to eat a balanced breakfast, we give you a big thumbs up! In either case we hope the contents of this blog help you sneak a few more servings of produce into your daily diet.

Mixers and Toppers

Yogurt Fruit and Veggetable

Yogurt fans dive in!! With the thousands of flavors available we're going to play yogurt police and ask you to consider unflavored greek varieties to eliminate excessive grams of sugar. Loads of it is hidden in

most varieties and you honestly can sweeten the yogurt naturally. Believe us it's the best of both worlds....sweet and nutritious.

Here's the trick with a blender/processor or just a fork. Take your favorite fruit and puree, scoop into your yogurt, and you've got instant healthy sweetness. Some of our favorites include strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, peaches, mangoes, bananas, and for that really nice kick of sweet just add dates into the mix. Don't stop at the fruit puree though. Now's the opportunity to slide in some greatness on the vegetable side. Toss in some sweet bell peppers, avocado, carrots to name a few. You'll be amazed at the flavor it gives you without noticing that your yogurt is full of veggie goodness! Once you've mixed in your sweetness go ahead and top it off with leftovers that you have from the fruits used for a puree. Dash with some oatmeal or granola and VIOLA!