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3 Reasons Most Golfers (Including You) Kill Their Game

Amarillo Golf Performance

Golfers are participants for life. Well, for as long as their bodies cooperate. TPT recognizes that the love of golf runs deep for the Amarillo community. Everyone from our amateurs to our seasoned veterans contribute to such a golf friendly community. The sport of golf once took a back seat to the "big three" professional sports when it came to conditioning and sport science. Slowly, the fitness and scientific worlds meandered their presence into the beautiful sport and have now become a staple in the PGA community. Top PGA pros make conditioning a staple to their success. If we spend all of our time focused on the swing we could be missing how important the motor is that drives it. Total Physical Therapy understands the body-swing connection.


Top 3 Areas of Concern Limiting Most Golfers

  1. Mid Back Stiffness - This area of the spine is the primary area for rotation which is mandatory for your swing.

  2. Low Back Stiffness - This area of the spine is the foundation of human movement and thus for your swing. Stiffness reduces efficiency for your power transfer in your swing.

  3. Hip Stiffness - The energy transfer of your swing travels from your hips through your spine during the acceleration of the downswing. Stiffness and loss of range of motion in your hips sets your spine up for unnecessary stress.

These three areas contribute a large amount of power and mobility during your swing. Limitations in any of the regions can reduce your iron distances or add stress to the body ultimately increasing your risk of injury.



TPT Golf Performance offers both individual as well as group sessions. You can find details on our site HERE and continue to receive golf related tips through our Health Tips.

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