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Win a Golf Body Assessment - let us add strength to your game!

Should I be focusing on more than just taking my swings on the course, talking with my Pro, and spending some time on the range? The answer is an astounding Y..E..S !! Let's face it most of us spend so much time thinking about the technical aspects of the swing, purchasing new equipment, and carrying on conversation in the clubhouse that we fail to listen to the motor behind it all ...our bodies. If it's not working efficiently it's only a matter of time before it breaks down. So what do I focus on? This answer requires a watchful eye of an expert trained in movement analysis relative to injury risk. We are that EXPERT and fully understand how our body-swing connection has to be established to let your Pro fine tune your swing. If you're not familiar with us then come stop by and say hello this weekend at the


Coors Light Senior Partnership Tournament

at Comanche Trail Golf Course 4200 S Grand

Amarillo, TX.

May 12th - 13th, 2017


You will have opportunities to speak with our golf specialist about our golf services and you'll have an opportunity to win some raffle prizes including TPI Golf Mobility Assessments. So stop by and take a moment to learn about why your body needs some simple TLC to keep you healthy, happy, and successful on the course. We'll see you this weekend.

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