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The 10 Minute Warm Up to Get Runner's Race Ready

Running warm up

Many runners that we know or we have treated have a very familiar story. When we ask about the warm up for training and races, the story usually sounds similar to this...

TPT, "tell me about your routine before you run."

Runner, "well, I usually stretch a little, swing my legs a few times, jog slowly, then take off running."

TPT, "ok, that's a start. Now tell me how long this warm up might last?"

Runner, "oh, I don't know 3 or 4 minutes."

TPT, "hmm, let's start by obliterating that routine given the fact you're worried about fixing these injuries!"

This kind of conversation might even be a little bit of a stretch for most conversations we have with runners. Many answers we get when asking about a warmup routine consist of a simple "I don't warm up." If you're a seasoned runner without injuries and you don't warm up then consider yourself a freak of nature. You are elite and not among the masses. Most people reading this are going to be a seasoned or beginning runner with a history of aches and pains.


Running like EVERY sport requires an ample warm up routine. There are three aspects to the warm up routine that we recommend.

Range of motion and balance awareness

(Putting the key into the ignition)