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3 Common Runner's Foot Problems and How to Improve Them Fast

Foot problems for runners are nearly inevitable. The problems hopefully will be minor with the early detection and corrective action. Three common foot afflictions for runner's feet are achilles tendinitis or bursitis, plantar fasciitis, and posterior tibialis tendinitis. These are far from the myriad of potential foot problems, but they are assuredly the most frequent we see in the clinic. Pay particular attention to the -itis ending of all these conditions. The suffix -itis translates to INFLAMMATION or rather an inflamed and overworked tissue. What does it mean to be in a period/state of inflammation? It means your body is in acute trauma! These conditions may be microtrauma but the conditions are inevitably an acute problem that needs to first and foremost be addressed with REST!! Don't forget that rest is your friend and an absolute necessity in times of inflammation. Curbing your running for a few days could save you weeks of torment. A simple concept is "If you have to limp then take a back seat as a wimp." We assure you this will speed your recovery.


If facing an overuse foot injury, Curbing your running for a few days could save you weeks of torment.


Ice and compression can help curb pain and encourage the inflammation process to maintain is speedy corrective action. Icing for 20 minute intervals a few times a day in addition to an ACE figure 8 wrap to the foot during the day should aid your recovery.

Let's talk about each condition mentioned above with a more concise picture of what to expect.