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Can I afford to get screened before starting my New Year's Resolution? You CAN'T afford NOT

With 2017 coming to a close and those New Year's Resolutions springing into action, we can't help but share our experiences. Our office is commonly filled with new aches and pains, sprains, strains, and recurring insults while attempting to START A NEW WORKOUT ROUTINE. So with each New Year celebration we start preparing for those individuals dashing to clean up those aches and maintain their new workouts.

First off we commend everyone for becoming or remaining active. This is not an article to state the obvious benefits of remaining active. MOVE HAPPY, BE HAPPY! There we said it! This article is rather an opportunity for you to understand the consequences of not being in a state to safely start or drastically change a mode of exercise. We are constantly asked about popular and sometimes trendy exercise routines or newly marketed exercise equipment.

"What's your opinion on this or that?" Honestly, we often don't even form an opinion on the exercise routine or use of any particular equipment. Why? The simple answer is, no matter the routine or equipment you are considering or currently using there is ONE CONSTANT to ANYTHING......


You are indeed the constant behind any form of exercise. Your body takes the load and hopefully responds correctly and safely.


Here's a simple screen to determine if you have a silent restriction. Stand in front of a mirror with your feet together and your back to the mirror. Without allowing your feet to move, turn your trunk to the right as far as you can and try to look at yourself in the mirror. Can you seen your left shoulder in the mirror? Now do the same in the opposite direction. Can you see your right shoulder? If you can't then you have a silent restriction that can increase your chance of injury or pain. Not sure, let us look with trained eyes. This is one of multiple screening tools that can easily be performed and quickly remedied.


As we mentioned earlier, our office is filled with PREVENTABLE conditions in the first quarter of the year. We would love seeing you in our office BEFORE you have a problem, identify any silent factors that might keep from enjoying the New Year, and enjoy seeing you staying ACTIVE and PAIN FREE.

If you have any concerns or would simply like to go through one of our screens you can inquire HERE or call us at 806 467-8181.


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