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Runners, Why is 5% the Most Important Number You Need to Know?

Many runners are obsessed... let's say it again... OBSESSED with numbers. Distance, time, pace, miles, kilometers, volume, total mileage, heart rate, calories, number of macros, number of micros, cost of apparel... the list goes on and on. Some even pay attention to a term called cadence. If you have heard the term cadence, you might know what one should strive for but have you asked yourself, why?

Let us back up a bit and talk about the term cadence.

What Is Cadence?

Cadence is simply the number of steps you take in a one minute interval. To measure it try running for at least a minute to find your normal rhythm. Then count the number of times your right foot touches the ground in a 30 second interval. Multiply this number by four and you will have your cadence.

Cadence = (Number of steps of right foot in 30 seconds) X 4

We refer to this cadence as your conditioned cadence meaning your body is conditioned and programed to move at this speed. Your conditioned cadence is trainable and can be changed as needed. If one is concerned with increasing their speed/pace of a run then the following factors must be increased: 1. Power output 2. Rate of steps or 3. Both. While performance can improve with an increased cadence, we find there is another factor deeper to the heart of most runners, avoiding injury!

So, why are we concerned with cadence? This answer can be found deep into research, but you can leave that to us. We will summarize it for you. A faster cadence equates to the reduction of stress to the body. This equates to LESS LIKELIHOOD OF INJURY or a FASTER RECOVERY!!

The stress reduction is greatest at the knee but research shows a reduction to the following joints as well: the feet, hips, back, and BRAIN!!