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The Ultimate Running Shoe to Prevent Injury for Any Runner

We find one of the most overlooked beauties of running is the simple fact that so little equipment is needed. Being practical you throw on a shirt, shorts, socks, and shoes. Four items...check! Throw on a watch for some techie flare and we're all set. If it were only that easy, right? If you have ever spent hours on end googling reviews of the best running shoes for the year, sat endlessly in the running store trying on shoe after shoe after shoe, or begged anyone and everyone for their two cents on their favorite running shoes then this article is for you. You are that meandering soul in search of Monty Python's Holy Grail of footwear and TPT is here to beam that bright light of hope on your solution. You ask,


"Please Zen Master of running, end my pain and reveal the Ultimate Running Shoe for my foot."


Zen Master reveals this hidden truth...

"The ultimate running shoe for your foot is," ....................... suspense building, strike of a gong, and with the heaviest pounding of the beat of your heart about to unleash from within your chest, your answer is revealed....


"whichever shoe feels the best on your foot!"