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Your Quick Screen Guide for Choosing New Running Shoes

Whether you are in search of a new running shoe or are unsure if your current shoes have reached their limit, you can perform this quick screen to make your determination. First you'll need a flat, hard surface to perform your screen. If you're shopping then just drop the shoes onto the floor or onto the shoebox to perform the following tests.

A little knowledge of the anatomy of a tennis shoe will help your understanding.



We recommend you perform the following tests on any tennis shoe that you are considering:

  • 01:02 Assess the Inner Liner

  • 02:50 Perform the Rock Test

  • 05:12 Perform the Break Test

  • 07:06 Perform the Tilt Test

  • 08:02 Perform the Pull Test

  • 09:25 Perform the Symmetry Test

For details on each test listed above we offer the video below

So there you have it. A simple 2 minute screen of your next new pair of running shoes with some key insights to suggest that you'll never find that perfect shoe so don't feel that you need to spend hundreds of dollars on your shoes to reduce your risk of injury. Now, if you feel compelled to spend hundreds of dollars on multiple shoes to match all your running apparel then we won't hold that against you!! Let those feet sing and we'll see you on those trails!


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