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Women that Care About Living Well...A source of being active, open about health, and understanding y

Welcome to all women that have taken steps to conquering your health, commit to a life of being active, and are proactive in understanding your body. Also welcome to women that are curious and that need guidance to initiate those steps. We hope you find comfort in us and welcome our knowledge when it comes to working with women. For nearly 20 years Total Physical Therapy has been your trusted source of information for living well and over the past couple years we have started that journey to become your valued source of women's health physical therapy.


Women's Health Physical Therapy


We are excited to deliver you valuable information specific to women's needs. TPT is excited to provide Erin Park to the Amarillo community. She completed post doctorate advanced studies in women's health physical therapy at Texas Woman's University and has been accumulating clinical hours for treatment specific to the physical health relative to the female body. If you are unfamiliar to what women's health physical therapy is then don't worry, you are not alone!


Most people do not understand what Women's Health Physical Therapy can provide.


Make no mistake about this specially trained field of PT, these are truly experts. The female body is complex and this specialty is not for every therapist. Erin is among gifted therapists that take value in postdoctoral education to deliver quality female specific care to a population that honestly is a little nervous about speaking about certain issues. Erin welcomes any questions or concerns you may have regarding women's health physical therapy. You can contact her HERE.

We welcome you to check out our website HERE to give you some insight to some of the services TPT offers for women. You'll be able to familiarize yourself with common conditions and symptoms that PT can aide in corrective action.

TPT is also excited to deliver you a continual stream of health, sports, and life information through our blog. In our blog you're bound to come across an article or two that deliver valued information which applies to your life. Women's specific topics are also being delivered through the blog. So join the TPT health movement, a movement committed to getting you back to work, back to sport, back to life.

​​Live well with TPT!


Be sure not to miss out on any of our running health information and other health and fitness pearls by joining our mailing list in the right hand column (or below in mobile version).

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