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Summertime "Fanny" Drills for the Dedicated! 6 Exercises to "Light a Fire" Under

Hip strength

If you're in the business of walking around the pool this year with the perfect "rump" then read on. If you're in the business of making sure your hips are stable, read on. If you're in the business of taking stress off your knees, read on. Basically, if you want to have a healthy frame to walk on, read on. In this blog we are going to visit some research driven exercises to burn that hind end into shape.

The gluteal muscles that make up the back of your hip are critical muscles supporting your legs while standing. They propel your legs while you walk, jog, and sprint as well as help keep those pants up over your hips :) Two of the muscles most heavily scrutinized are gluteus maximus and gluteus minimus. Both are important, both have critical roles, and both can be trained with specific exercise techniques. There are literally hundreds if not thousands of exercise techniques that can work these muscles. We took some guess work out of the equation to save you some time and chose some of the best exercises available (if you consider a few hundred that have actually been tested under research scrutiny).

First and foremost when it comes to implementing a strengthening program...

It's BEST to speak with a qualified professional to check the current status of your hip. Let the trained eye help establish how well your hip moves to help determine where possible weakness is originating.


MOBILITY of a joint must ALWAYS PRECEDE strengthening!!