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Getting to the Core of Core Stabilization

If you have endured an episode of neck or back pain then you can relate to the pain that can make you feel hopeless. For most of us these symptoms come and go quickly and many times that pain is a normal response to activity. BUT.... if you have encountered recurring episodes of spinal pain then you should not avoid paying particular attention to putting in the work to avoid severe pain and permanent damage. There is an absolute certainty when it comes to lower back pain and that is: The #1 risk factor for a lower back injury is indeed a previous episode of lower back pain. Did you know?...


Low Back Pain is the #3 reported condition in the USA.


Low back pain is third to only Cancer and Cardiovascular disease. More so...


Low Back Pain is the #1 most reported musculoskeletal condition in the world!


Anyone that has spent 5 minutes on the internet has seen the word "core stability." The word is a vague term that truly involves many body structures and mechanical principles. With a basic understanding of how our body naturally combines the concepts of mobility and stability when can grow to respect how both are needed to create "core stability." There are multiple steps to determining how one should approach core stabilization but one basic concept is understanding how our spinal motor control needs to be able to create the following rolling patterns. In the video demonstration you will see how we break a rolling pattern into upper and lower patterns in addition to back to belly versus belly to back patterns. Individuals with sufficient spinal motor control should be able to complete all rolling patterns with a fluid movement and without compensation. The upper patterns are the most common deficiency that we see and must be corrected before we initiate an efficient stabilization program. If you feel like your patterns are insufficient or would like a detailed, personal approach to curbing your lower back pain feel free to email your questions to


ROLLING Patterns


If you'd like personal guidance for leading you out of recurring lower back or neck pain then you can reach us at If you like the information you read here then be sure to join the mailing list to make sure you receive all of our newest information on healthy living.

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